Our Landscaping Services

Landscape Design & Installation:

From the proper installation of plants to the construction of patios, walkways and water features, we design and install a wide range of landscape elements for your home or business.  We have the ability to digitally design your landscaping and view it aged with our landscape growth widget.  No landscape too big or too small, we are confident that we have the perfect solution for you.  For your free landscape project consultation, please call today at (330) 412-1488 or use our convenient contact form.

Yard Installation: 

When it's time to install your lawn, seed selection, proper grading and choosing the cleanest topsoil available will give you the results needed for that plush green lawn. Our experience and proven track with yard installation will give you that piece of mind of a job well done!

Mulch Installation & Delivery:

A properly designed and installed mulch bed is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to make your landscape stand out. Dark, fresh mulch instantly add character to any yard, providing that striking visual contrast that elevates everything around it.

We offer hardwood mulch in dyed cocoa brown, black, and red. We also offer a bark based mulch which is our most used mulch which is typically referred to as landscaper's brown. Delivery of bulk mulch is available upon customer request.

Hedging, Pruning & Landscape Maintenance:

Maintaining your landscaping is a must, in order to keep your plants, shrubs, trees, & flowers healthy; it's imperative that they be maintained yearly and according to seasonal changes.  From hedging, pruning to limbing, we can keep your landscape heathly and groomed for that picture perfect look. Dreaming Tree prides itself in knowledgable methods to maintain plant life for year over year healthy growth.

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Drainage Solutions:

Proper drainage on your property is critical to preserving and maintaining the quality of your property. Whether it be down spout drainage lines, french drains, to erosion control, we'll designand install a proper drainage solution to best manage your water problem.

-- Additional Landscape Services --

Fall & Spring Clean Ups:

As the seasons change, so do your landscaping needs. Leaves will fall and without proper attention, your lawn can and will begin to suffocate. Fall cleanups are done an average of three times (properties vary). The first cleanup will be done the last two weeks of October when we cut your lawn. The second cleanup will be done the first two weeks of November at the same time we serrvice your lawn. The third and final cleanup will be done the last two weeks of November, all beds will be cleaned out and all leaves removed from the lawn.

Dreaming Tree Landscaping also offers Spring cleanups, which consist of cleaning out of all ornamental beds, and the removal of all debris thoughout the property. Contact us today for more information, a quote request, or scheduling of our cleanup service.

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