Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

It's not often you can find ways to actually add extra hours of free time to your busy week, but Dreaming Tree Landscaping can do just that. Our lawn mowing and maintenance programs are a great way to gain that free time we all want, but struggle to achieve. For your free lawn mowing quote, please call today at (330) 412-1488 or use our convenient contact form.

-- Weekly Lawn Maintenance Service Includes --

Lawn Mowing:

Maintaining a lawn weekly has many benefits, from the nutrients in the clippings to that professionally maintained lawn that just brings a sense of relaxation to you. That's why we at Dreaming Tree Landscaping always have your yard properly groomed and ready for you to enjoy!  

Trimming & Edging:

We trim & edge wherever needed! Along sidewalks, curbs, around landscape beds, your mailbox, you name it we make sure your property is properly trimmed. Our lawn service job is not done until those finishing touches are completed. Nothing better than a lawn properly edged for that desired curb appeal! 

Property Clean Up:

We blow off all surfaces, sidewalks, driveways, decks, patios and landscape beds removing stray grass clippings and leaves giving your property the proper groomed look.

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-- Custom Fertilizer Programs --

At Dreaming Tree Landscaping, we agree with you that a weed free, beautiful lawn gives your home true curb appeal. We offer custom fertilizing solutions from an economical package to a more detailed five, six and seven application program to help achieve premium results. Each application includes spot spraying for weeds. Our most popular five steps application program will be applied in approximately 4-6 week intervals. These applications are as follows:

Lawn Treatment 1:

Early Spring Lawn Application

Crabgrass pre-emergent application to prevent annual grassy weeds and a slow-release fertilizer to feed your lawn.

Lawn Treatment 2:

Late Spring Lawn Application

Weed n' Feed selective herbicide, this application will treat your lawns most common broadleaf weeds. From dandelions, clover, to ground ivy. This application is a liquid product designed to attach to the smaller weeds in your lawn for a broader reach.

Lawn Treatment 3:

Early Summer Lawn Application

A granular fertilizer plus grub control to keep the lawn at its best and prevent turf damaging grub worms.

Lawn Treatment 4:

Late Summer Lawn Application

Broadleaf and grassy weed control for those pesky summer and grassy weeds (Nut sedge & Quack grass included). Also during this application a summer lawn inspection for diseased areas and suggestions for fall aeration, and or over seeding.

Lawn Treatment 5:

Late Fall Lawn Application

A high nitrogen dormant feed fertilizer to stimulate deep root growth over the winter months.

-- Yard Renovations --

Core Aeration:

Core aeration offers a simple solution to a thinned & spotty lawn.  Whether it be after a long seson of mowing and strenuous weather, or a thinned lawn; core aerating fits the bill to thicken up your lawn at an economical price.  Core aeration pulls 3" plugs from your soil allowing air into the soil thus promoting solid root structure & grass growth.  This proven technique can thicken in as little as 2 weeks.  Typically aerating is done in the early fall setting up your lawn for the upcoming spring growth.


Dethatching is the process of removing thatch from your lawn.  Thatch is accumulated when your lawn is not maintained on a weekly basis and when the length of discharge is greater than aprroximately 2 inches.  The reason being anything greater than 2 inches would require a double cut to reduce the length of the grass blade allowing it to natually break down until the lawn's next service.  Skipping cuts or cutting too much off at once will cause excessive thatch and eventually suffocate your lawn creating dead spots & thinning.  Typically for NE Ohio, dethatching is done in the spring allowing for a prosperous growing season to come. 

Slit Seeding:

Slit seeding is a proven technique with proven results when a lawn renovation is required.  When a lawn reaches 50% or less healthy grass, slit seeding can be the answer to your lawn's problem by sewing the grass seed into your soil making direct contact with soil without have to top dress or sod cut your lawn's current turf.  Typically for best results this process should be done in a cross pattern, from left to right then again top to bottom.  This will insure a uniform seeding.  Slit seeding can be done when soil tempatures are greater than 55 degrees.


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